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PAIDBIDS is an online business directory with a twist, not only is it a depository of rated service providers, it also offers compelling value for the consumer and companies listed in its registry. Consumers come to our site with the intention of finding rated service providers that they literally get paid to search, select and use. Service providers come seeking new customers at a controllable Cost per Acquisition (CPA). We accomplish this by allowing the service provider to offer us a “Commission” each time one of our customers uses their services. This fee is then split in half with the customer to help drive down their effective cost of services. PAIDBIDS also encourages competition between service providers using our “Get Bids” feature where customers can create a posting explaining what they need done and then letting contractors submit bids to complete the work. The open forum which lets contractors see each other’s bids encourages price drops, thus saving the customer money. When the customer selects a provider and receives services, the service provider pays us a fee which is then split with the consumer. PAIDBIDS is the only directory and service that offers real profit sharing with service consumers.

PaidDares is a simple social media concept that tests the boundaries of what people are willing to do for money. The site works by allowing anyone to create a dare which other members of the site can vote up to the top of its respective category. Each vote costs the member .50 cents to make, ¾ of which goes to a special fund set up for whoever completes the dare with video proof. If multiple videos are submitted, the members who paid to boost the dare get to vote on the winner. The winner of the dare gets to keep the pot of money collected. Besides the amount of money we collect from members voting up the dares, we are also able to sell targeted advertising to those wanting to reach a younger demographic. The videos submitted by users will also be a great way for obtaining “Viral Video Content” that can then be monetized through either placing our own branded advertising for our internet properties or through selling ad space using YouTube’s In-Stream Marketing platform operated by Google Adwords.

Shirted is a unique “T-Shirt” marketplace that allows users to design, buy and sell their creative designs in our marketplace. Designers submit design ideas, purchase a minimum of 5 wholesale shirts kept in our inventory and then share their design with their social media friends who can purchase them at retail and earn the designer a cut of the profits. By engaging the design community to create our “T-Shirt” designs, we not only get free design work, but we also grow our business through incentivized word-of-mouth marketing. This lowers our initial capital expenditures for marketing while allowing us to gain economies of scale only obtainable otherwise with large amounts of ad dollars. We are partnering with a local Jacksonville T-Shirt printing company to provide the product creation and fulfillment services.

Channel Sponsor was developed as a way to leverage the tremendous value in YouTube Channels that have millions of subscribers. Channels with large subscriber bases are particularly attractive as they offer a way to generate “Viral” content on demand. Each time a video is uploaded to YouTube, it is automatically sent to every subscriber of that Channel. If the Channel has 6 Million subscribers, our videos can receive 150k to 2.2Million views in the first 14 hours alone. This also produces long term visibility for our sponsors who pay to be promoted in these viral videos. Channel Sponsor is aligned with numerous YouTube Channel owners whose combined videos have received over 10 Billion Views.


Crowdacious is a Crowdfunding platform that goes beyond just raising money for projects. Crowdacious provides entrepreneurs access to any resources they may need to launch a business or project, find partners, board members, support staff, raise money from the community and pitch their companies to our group of Venture Capital, Private Equity and Angel Investors. Our platform is also available to existing companies so they can launch products, create projects, find board members, partners and raise growth capital. The site will incorporate all of these elements in a comprehensive suite of features to provide more functionality to the world of Crowdfunding.