Got a great idea for the next big website, cool new product or looking for a partner who can provide capital, advice or management assistance?  Bizapity is encouraging entrepreneurs with ambition to apply for one of four “Mentorship” spots at our Jacksonville FL office.  Our program lasts anywhere from three to six months and could potentially result in a $50,000 investment in your idea.  Our mentorship program is designed to teach you how to take a product or website to market and grow the business effectively using proven marketing methods developed by our highly successful management team.  You will work alongside us to develop and grow unique internet properties that will give you working experience to take your own idea to market at the same time.

Bizapity owns $50MM worth of internet, manufacturing, distribution and marketing companies.  Our companies have been sponsored in Inc. Magazine, Internet Retailer Magazine, Yahoo News, NPR Radio, Tech Talk Radio and many others.  We specialize in developing innovative web platforms and acquiring companies that can add value to our own core line of websites.


At the end of a six month period, we will award over $50,000 in cash, services and ongoing support to the entrepreneur with the most viable business.  We will own an equity stake in the company, assist in the long term growth and and be a strong ongoing partner with the business.


To apply, fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly!

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